Tell us more about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you or your family. It’s hard finding cash to buy food on a daily basis to feed my family! I do not have enough money coming in monthly in disability benefits to pay all my Bill’s plus pay rent every month! Families are expected or forced to do virtual school at home for kids, how are we supposed pay for internet to do school. Families are without power, homeless an starving because you aren’t pushing for the stimulus check to help us. $1200 doesnt go far when your months behind on Bill’s. The reason your not backing families for the next stimulus package is you dont know or care what families are going through. Your pockets an bank account is lined with millions so you dont go hungry, your Bill’s stay paid. Please help American families! You probably wont read these anyway!

What do you need to stay healthy and take care of yourself or your family during this pandemic? Financial aid to pay back Bill’s an buy food for my kids. Money to keep internet on.