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We believe that the best health care solutions are found when everyone works together to build them. Join us today and raise your voice.

Together, we work to:

Understand the health issues that affect Kentuckians where they live, learn, work, and play.​

Amplify the voices of individuals, families, and communities in the decisions that affect their health.​

Educate Kentuckians about changes in the healthcare landscape.​

Advocate on behalf of vulnerable Kentuckians who face barriers to good health.​

Ensure every Kentuckian has access to affordable, quality healthcare.​

Promote sensible public policies that provide Kentuckians with the right tools and resources to make healthy choices.​

Bring together a broad range of stakeholders — including individuals, families, health advocates, state agencies, and policymakers — to create policy solutions.

Join our membership and raise your voice as we talk to policy and decision makers at the local, state and federal level

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Donate today to help us bring fair and equitable health care access to all Kentuckians.

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