Tell us more about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you or your family. I was laid off in March. Initially unemployment came through. then it stopped . For two months I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. With some outside help someone from UB called and said I’d answered one question wrong. I was so relieved. Then the extra $600 stopped that I was depending on. I get very little weekly benefit because they claim I didn’t have income in 2019, which I did. I’m appealing that but I ‘m not very optimistic. Right now with a small amount of Social Security and the little Unemployment I can just barely make my bills. I’m in the high risk group with a underlying autoimmune condition so I’m scared to get back into the work force being around a lot of people. I live by myself so if I got sick there would be no one to take care of me.

What do you need to stay healthy and take care of yourself or your family during this pandemic? Income for food , medicine and bills. And national leadership.