Tell us more about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you or your family. We are in a high risk age group. Our 18 month old grandson is medically fragile. His 4 year old sister should be going to Preschool. She will not get to go. She will have to basically miss this year because the risk is too great for us and her little brother. A better handle on this Virus, as other countries have done, needs to be a first priority. (Going into flu season, with no leadership on the national level, and very little help for those who must remain at home, is unconscionable.) I’ve assumed, and believe it’s correct, that your ‘politicking’, greed and absolute arrogance concerning the plight of Kentuckians, is a travesty that I pray won’t be compounded by sending you back to DC. There’s many Kentuckians that can be swayed by your unfailing condescending attitude, your lies and your propaganda, but I’m not one of them..and neither is anyone I have influence with.

What do you need to stay healthy and take care of yourself or your family during this pandemic? Enforcement of local and state requirements of mask wearing, social distancing, crowd size and the absolute prosecution of anyone harming, destroying, harassing, verbally/physically abusing, attacking, assaulting, etc. for being asked to leave a venue or abide by the common sense requirements listed above.