Tell us more about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you or your family. My husband’s salary was reduced. I own a business and had to put it on hold until at least through the end of 2020. We are very careful about how we spend money because we don’t know if we will have a pay check or health benefits in the future. We are financially safe, at the moment, but we don’t know what the future holds. We are nervous.

What do you need to stay healthy and take care of yourself or your family during this pandemic? We need to know that if my husband loses his job, we will still have access to healthcare regardless of income. We need for the US government to lead and get control of the virus. A vaccine isn’t control. We need to have access to the PPE so that society can function, even if at a reduced rate. If reducing capacity at places – school, work, stores etc. is how we can stay in control of the virus, then that’s what needs to be done. Stop politicizing a virus!!! That is so incredibly moronic. That’s what is killing us. No disease has a political affiliation.