Letter to Senator McConnell: Kentuckians Need Robust Federal Relief Now

By now you’ve heard that Senate Republicans failed to pass a “skinny” bill for coronavirus relief yesterday. For months, advocates have called for a swift and comprehensive response to this deepening crisis, but the plan put forward by Senator McConnell didn’t come close to what Kentuckians need. It provides no funding for Medicaid, no funding for state and local aid, and cuts unemployment support for struggling families during an increasingly deadly public health crisis and the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. (for more details read CBPP’s analysis)

If Congress doesn’t act soon, the pressure on our state budget could result in cuts to Medicaid and other vital safety-net programs at a time when Kentuckians most need them to get through this crisis healthy and whole.

We have drafted a sign-on letter to Senator McConnell (with the option to share your story), urging him to listen to the voices of Kentuckians and act swiftly to negotiate a bipartisan agreement that will provide substantial aid to state and local governments and strengthen vital safety-net programs to see our commonwealth through this disaster and help us thrive on the other side.

We are asking organizations AND individuals to sign-on before Tuesday at 5pm ET. And please share with your networks!