Introducing ThriveKY

ThriveKY is a coalition of organizations who pursue systemic change to assure that the commonwealth meets the basic needs of every Kentuckian. Many Kentuckians are simply a lost job, reduced work hours, a new baby, an accident or an illness away from needing safety net programs like Medicaid, SNAP or TANF. In fact, that’s why we call it a safety-net – it catches people so they don’t fall through the cracks. Maintaining a strong safety-net honors the dignity of every Kentuckian, and provides the foundation we need to thrive as a commonwealth.

The need for a coalition such as this is even more apparent in times of crisis. Kentuckians need a strong safety net at all times, so that when a pandemic such as COVID-19 strikes, we are prepared to be proactive and save lives.

ThriveKY advocates for a strong safety-net that:

  • Utilizes a “welcome mat” approach, making public assistance as accessible as possible for Kentuckians in need, and meeting them with respect, and dignity and without stigma or judgment. 
  • Integrates the eligibility, application and enrollment processes so that no one unknowingly leaves vital assistance on the table.
  • Gives kids a strong start by ensuring they and their families can access the full benefit of public support when they need it, including financial assistance that is flexible to meet a variety of needs.
  • Prioritizes racial, ethnic and geographic equity among Kentuckians who face historical and systemic barriers to meeting basic needs. 
  • Takes down barriers to enrolling in and using public assistance in order to reduce administrative costs and the barriers people face while getting back on their feet.
  • Supports, not penalizes, underpaid workers whose jobs do not pay a living wage, provide consistent hours, or offer access to benefits. This includes supporting workers in areas where jobs are scarce.

Steering Committee:
Advocacy Action Network
Feeding Kentucky
Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky
Kentucky Center for Economic Policy
Kentucky Council of Churches
Kentucky Equal Justice Center
Kentucky Voices for Health
Mental Health America of Kentucky