Please tell us how you, your family or your community has benefited from Medicaid coverage for dental care, vision care, and transportation assistance: Countless individuals who are low-income or indigent have been able to receive basic health care with these Medicaid benefits. Without these benefits individuals will no longer be able to afford basic health care, many will then develop depression/anxiety over all the concerns for their physical health, and some may even resort to suicide as a means to end their suffering. Please don’t let this happen! We need to help those in need! These are our brothers and sisters, and we can’t let them down!

Please tell us how eliminating these benefits would affect you, your family, or your community: I am not directly affected by these proposed benefit cuts, but I don’t want to see people in my community (who are already struggling to raise families, pay bills, etc.) suffer even further if they lose these benefits. Without affordable access to basic needs our society will crumble.