Please tell us how you, your family or your community has benefited from Medicaid coverage for dental care, vision care, and transportation assistance: I have 3 children who are covered under traditional SSI medicaid, while myself and another child are covered under expanded Medicaid. Without this coverage, the two of us on expanded Medicaid would have no way of obtaining dental and vision care. We are both in need of both services

Please tell us how eliminating these benefits would affect you, your family, or your community: Without this coverage, the glasses and eye care needed for myself and one of my children would be not available, as would dental care. Both of us are in ongoing need of both services. Both of us have vision problems that require glasses, both of us have dental issues requiring ongoing treatment. Without glasses, daily tasks (including schoolwork for my son) would be difficult or impossible, and without needed dental care the issues we already have with our teeth would worsen and lead to very bad situations.