Please tell us how you, your family or your community has benefited from Medicaid coverage for dental care, vision care, and transportation assistance: I did not have vision or dental benefits before 2014 and was u aware that I had diabetes and high blood pressure until I got insured. Both these services are very important in maintaing a normal way of life. I would think that I would be much more of a burden to the state as a blind person or stroke patient. That why preventative care is so important and itÍs less costly in dollars and lives.

Please tell us how eliminating these benefits would affect you, your family, or your community: As a diabetic patient with high blood pressure , I could lose my eye sight or develop heart problems without preventative care. Also, my health affects my elderly father who I care for. He has AlzheimerÍs and I am his categiver. If I become ill then he would have to go to a nursing home.