Please tell us how you, your family or your community has benefited from Medicaid coverage for dental care, vision care, and transportation assistance: I coordinate a Summer Food Service Program, and work with hundreds of families in my community. There is not doubt that expanded medicaid ensured children and their care takers were getting care they needed, especially grandparents raising grandchildren who lack transportation to specialists in Lexington.

Please tell us how eliminating these benefits would affect you, your family, or your community: I will need to pay out of pocket for my son’s dental and eye care…the result is that I may not be able to make student loan payments. There are many children who may not get to go to the dentist, people who will have their dental issues continue to get worse, and we will lose preventative care. Issues that could have been treated inexpensively will get worse, and the treatment will cost more. Many will not receive treatment.