Please tell us how you, your family or your community has benefited from Medicaid coverage for dental care, vision care, and transportation assistance: So many underprivileged people were able to receive dental care, have eye screenings, and have transportation to their medical appts. Dentists are very expensive but so important for your health, therefore this was a tremendous help to people who cannot afford dental care. Also not everyone can afford the expense of having/keeping up maintenance on a vehicle therefore by having transportation to medical appts a lot of people were able to be seen for early detection health problems were as before they would not/could not go because they did not have transportation to appts. It is beyond terrible that these services were cut!! What happened to helping others in need and not focusing on just ourselves?!! Everyone has needed some type of assistance at some point in their life and we should give back to the community!

Please tell us how eliminating these benefits would affect you, your family, or your community: People will not be able to afford to go to the dentist therefore will end up neglecting this therefore will end up having poor oral health care. Also by not having transportation to medical appts people will not be seen early therefore early detection screenings such as colon cancer and breast cancer screenings will not be completed and I fear medical issues like cancer will not be found until it is past the point to help someone. Also people will be forced to put their health on the back burner b/c for some they will have no choice as some have no family or friends that can transport them to appts!!